Salty Mouth

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Salty Mouth

Salty Mouth

Your mouth is like a desert made of salt, not to be confused with a dessert made of salt, which would probably be really disgusting.

You really need a beer...

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Effect number: 605
Description ID: e26513c9556b32693ef0055ff8ebe480
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Obtained From


  • Adds 4-6 adventures to a beer's normal yield when drinking a single beer, adding the following message to the beer's usual consumption message:
    Man. You really needed that.
    Breath.gifYou lose an effect: Salty Mouth
  • Drinking any of the relevant drinks will remove the Salty Mouth effect, regardless of how many turns were left. The amount of turns left on the effect at the time of drinking has no impact on the adventure gains.
  • Any additional effects granted by the drink, e.g. MP gains, are not affected.
  • Does not work in Two Crazy Random Summer
    Hmm. You thought that was gonna taste great, but it just tasted weird.
    (The effect is not consumed.)