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Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: 1

This spell allows you to conjure up a ball of spicy salsa and sling it at your enemy, doing a small amount of damage.

Source: Starting Skill
Price: N/A
Class: Sauceror
Level: 1
Effect: Deals 2-3 hot damage, hard capped at 8.
When Used:
You summon a ball of hot salsa and hurl it at your opponent, dealing X damage

  • With wrought-iron whisk(s) equipped, the hits keep coming, repeating the initial amount of damage:
You twirl your whisk and spray a bunch more balls of salsa at your foe.
One hits <it> for X damage!
Another hits <it> for X damage!
Yet another hits <it> for X damage!
And another! X damage!
And another! X more damage!
Yes! Another! For X more damage!
And finally, one more, which hits for X damage!


  • Introduced with NS13.
  • Can have its damage boosted by Bonus Spell Damage effects, reaching its damage cap with +6 Spell Damage.
  • If you are a Sauceror, Salsaball costs 0 MP to cast instead of 1 MP.