Salsa de las Epocas

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Salsa de las Epocas
Salsa de las Epocas

¿Papá, quieres salsa de las épocas?¿Papá, quieres salsa de las épocas?

(Cooking ingredient)
Selling Price: 25 Meat.

(In-game plural: Salsas de las Epocas)
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Item number: 5064
Description ID: 637129106
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Ezcook.gif scrumptious reagent marzipan skull
Equals.gif Salsa de las Epocas



  • The recipe must be known to craft this, which is received from a hot April Shower.


  • Having been a regular cooking recipe originally, at some time prior to July 3, 2012 this recipe was changed to use Advanced Saucecrafting. However this would be changed again: an unspecified time after that, it was changed back and became a regular cooking recipe once more. So currently, this recipe does not require Advanced Saucecrafting to make. Bad Moon Pastamancers rejoice!


  • The item name is Spanish for sauce of the ages.
  • The item description is a rough Spanish translation of the description of the sauce of the ages, which itself is a reference to Freddy Got Fingered.


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