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There are two different strategies that can help you survive your adventures in the Kingdom of Loathing. The first is to have a high enough Moxie that you can dodge all of the non-critical attacks made by the monsters. The second is to have a high enough Combat Initiative that you can be sure of getting the jump on the monsters, followed by other strategies to stop it from attacking at all (presumably either deleveling into safe moxie, stunning, or simply the use of spells, combat items, or to kill the monster before it can successfully attack).

This page lists both the minimum Moxie required to adventure in an area without being hit by the normal attacks of the monsters you will find there; and also the minimum Combat Initiative bonus you need to guarantee getting the jump on all the monsters there.

"Safe moxie" has traditionally been determined by multiplying the maximum amount of experience you could get from the monster by four to find the monster's attack power. To evade every non-critical attack, you must have 10 more Moxie than the monster has attack power. Since the introduction of Monster Manuel, the game can report each monster's attack values directly. There is also some variance in the attack power of most monsters. It is possible for some monsters to hit you if your Moxie is only slightly higher than the values listed below. At some point, the table should be updated to reflect this....

By default, the table is sorted by the standard Wiki location order, but you can select the box in any column header to sort by locations alphabetically, or by the Moxie or Initiative required for safe adventuring. (Sorting the table this way requires Javascript.) Thus, knowing your current Moxie or Initiative, you can figure out at a glance the areas in which you're reasonably capable of adventuring. Note that the table does not include data for Semi-rare monsters, Ultra-rare monsters, or monsters that only appear in special challenge paths.

Remember: All these values are the very maximums of the area's strongest monsters' hitting or jumping abilities. If you're relying on Moxie, and your Moxie is only a few points lower than the value stated, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Monsters might hit you, but infrequently. If you're relying on Initiative, and your Initiative is slightly under the values listed here, you may be jumped occasionally -- be prepared. Bear in mind that Underwater adventuring zones have a pressure penalty which affects initiative, as do high levels of Monster Level (over and above the normal increase in Monster Attack).

Note: Since the implementation of critical hits (which are guaranteed to "hit" and deal damage) and fumbles for monsters, all monsters get additional small chances to hit or miss you – regardless of your Moxie. While high Moxie still reduces damage from these critical hits as normal, it may mean that some HP may be required to survive this incidental damage. Adventure safely with this in mind.

Area Location Moxie Required Initiative Required
Seaside Town The Sleazy Back Alley 11 40
The Overgrown Lot 13 0
The Copperhead Club 165 150
Spookyraven Manor The Haunted Pantry 14 60
The Haunted Kitchen 32 50
The Haunted Conservatory 34 30
The Haunted Billiards Room 35 100
The Haunted Library 38 70
The Haunted Bathroom
(except for Cosmetics wraith at 70 moxie)
64 50
The Haunted Gallery 70 50
The Haunted Ballroom 75 50
The Haunted Bedroom 70 50
The Haunted Laundry Room 168  ?
The Haunted Wine Cellar 178 65
The Haunted Boiler Room 170  ?
The Nearby Plains Degrassi Knoll 24 60
Cola Wars Battlefield 40 50
The "Fun" House
(except for The Clownlord Beelzebozo at 37 mox, 55-100 init)
30 85
The Misspelled Cemetary (Pre-Cyrpt) 33 80
The Unquiet Garves 32  ?
The VERY Unquiet Garves  ?  ?
The Misspelled Cemetary (Post-Cyrpt)
(except Skelter Butleton, the Butler Skeleton)
69 50
Inside the Palindome
(except for Dr. Awkward, at 176-183 mox, unknown init)
165 90
The Spectral Pickle Factory 206 70
The Ruins of Fernswarthy's Tower 28 55
Cobb's Knob Outskirts of Cobb's Knob 12 60
(except for Knob Goblin Elite Guard Captain)
32 65
Cobb's Knob Barracks
(except for Knob Goblin Elite Guard Captain)
40 50
(except for Knob Goblin Embezzler)
40 75
Harem 40 80
King's Chamber 65 100
Cobb's Knob Laboratories The Knob Shaft 41 50
Laboratory 55 70
Menagerie Level 1 66 80
Menagerie Level 2 76 80
Menagerie Level 3 86 80
The Bat Hole Entryway 24 60
Guano Junction 28 60
Beanbat Chamber 31 60
Batrat and Ratbat Burrow 35 60
The Boss Bat's Lair 47 60
The Cyrpt The Defiled Nook
(except for giant skeelton, at 87 mox, 60 init)
67 50
The Defiled Cranny
(except for huge ghuol, at 89 mox, 60 init)
65 300
The Defiled Niche
(except for gargantulihc, at 87 mox, 60 init)
69 50
The Defiled Alcove
(except for conjoined zmombie, at 89 mox, 60 init)
68 300
The Haert of the Cyrpt 101 90
The Beanstalk The Penultimate Fantasy Airship 130 90
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement) 160 80
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor) 140 40
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor) 160 50
The Hole in the Sky 178 70
The Distant Woods The Old Landfill  ?  ?
The Spooky Forest 15 70
Tavern Cellar
(except for Baron von Ratsworth, who scales)
50 90
A Barroom Brawl 20 50
The Bugbear Pens 30 75
8-Bit Realm 35 60
Whitey's Grove 48 70
The Road to the White Citadel 49 55
The Spooky Gravy Burrow 75 100
The Black Forest 143 50
The Hidden Park 166  ?
The Hidden Apartment Building 160 (168 for ancient protector spirit)  ?
The Hidden Bowling Alley 164 (166 for ancient protector spirit)  ?
The Hidden Hospital 162 (172 for ancient protector spirit)  ?
The Hidden Office Building 160 (170 for ancient protector spirit)  ?
A Massive Ziggurat 174  ?
Copse of the Deep Fat Friars The Dark Neck of the Woods 62 90
The Dark Heart of the Woods 60 80
The Dark Elbow of the Woods 58 75
Pandamonium Pandamonium Slums 62 90
Infernal Rackets Backstage 70 35
The Laugh Floor 76 60
Desert Beach South of The Border 35 75
Thugnderdome 55 60
An Oasis 147 50
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert 152 60
A Small Pyramid The Upper Chamber 180 70
The Middle Chamber 185 75
The Lower Chambers 190
The Mysterious Island of Mystery* The Hippy Camp 51 70
Orcish Frat House 51 60
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove 79 75
The Hippy Camp (Verge of War) 185 60
Orcish Frat House (Verge of War) 185 60
McMillicancuddy's Farm (Post-War) 190 70
The Battlefield (War Hippy Fatigues) 220 100
(not counting heroes)
The Battlefield (Frat Warrior Fatigues) 220 100
The Hippy Camp (Bombed Back to the Stone Age) 261 75
Orcish Frat House (Bombed Back to the Stone Age) 265 80
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove (in disguise) Barrrney's Barrr 93 50
The F'c'le 110 50
The Poop Deck 130 50
Belowdecks 150 50
The Organic Orchard The Hatching Chamber 175 50
The Feeding Chamber 177 50
The Guards' Chamber 179 50
The Queen's Chamber 183 50
McMillicancuddy's Farm The Barn 176 40
The Other Back 40 183 70
The Bog 184 60
The Family Plot 185 50
The Granary 185 40
The Back 40 188 50
The Pond 189 50
The Shady Thicket 190 50
Our Lady of Perpetual Indecision The Themthar Hills 179 50
The Lighthouse Sonofa Beach 181 40
The Big Mountains The Thinknerd Warehouse  ?  ?
Noob Cave  ?  ?
The Dire Warren  ?  ?
The Dark and Dank and Sinister Cave 34 40
The Barrel full of Barrels 45 90
The Valley of Rof L'm Fao 97 70
A-boo Peak 88 0
Oil Peak(*) 95(*) 50 to 90(*)
Twin Peak 103 60
The Smut Orc Logging Camp 95 50
The Dungeoneers' Association The Haiku Dungeon 14 75
The Limerick Dungeon  ?  ?
The Enormous Greater-Than Sign  ?  ?
The Daily Dungeon 30 60
The Dungeons of Doom 71 90
Mt. McLargeHuge Itznotyerzitz Mine 68 50
The Goatlet 78 80
The eXtreme Slope 85 60
Lair of the Ninja Snowmen
(except for ninja snowman assassin)
100 75
The Icy Peak
(except for Groar)
117 60
The Sea The Briny Deeps 340 0?
The Brinier Deepers
(except for trophyfish)
410 0?
The Briniest Deepests 435 0?
The Sea Floor An Octopus's Garden
(except for moister oyster)
460 50?
The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons
(except for mine crab and unholy diver, at 710)
460 50?
Anemone Mine 510 75?
Madness Reef 510 50?
Marinara Trench 556 50?
The Dive Bar 610 80?
The Mer-Kin Outpost 760 50?
Lair of The Naughty Sorceress The Naughty Sorceress 215
The Hedge Maze 245 80
An Incredibly Strange Place Bad Trip 30 60
Mediocre Trip 63 60
Great Trip 155 60
Memories, in the Corners of your Mind The Primordial Soup 35 50
The Jungles of Ancient Loathing
(except for High Priest, at 120)
75 80
Seaside Megalopolis 180 100
The Campground A Shimmering Portal
(except for a hulking construct, at ∞)
410 80
Spring Break Beach The Fun-Guy Mansion 0
Sloppy Seconds Diner 0
The Sunken Party Yacht 410 100
Hobopolis Hobopolis Town Square
(except for Hodgman, The Hoboverlord, at 760 mox, unknown init)
310 100
A Maze of Sewer Tunnels
(except for C. H. U. M. chieftain, at 340 mox, unknown init)
270 60
Burnbarrel Blvd.
(except for Ol' Scratch, at 510)
350 unknown*
Exposure Esplanade
(except for Frosty, at 510)
360 100
(except for Frosty, at 200)
The Heap
(except for Oscus, at 510)
360 100
(except for Oscus, at 200)
The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground
(except for Zombo, at 510)
360 100
(except for Zombo, at 195)
The Purple Light District
(except for Chester, at 510)
360 100
(except for Chester, at 200)
The Slime Tube The Slime Tube
(except for Mother Slime, at 3000-8700+ mox, 300 init)
110 55

Lower moxie limits

A monster's chance to hit decreases roughly linearly from 100% at (moxie-monsterlevel) <= -9 to 0% at (moxie-monsterlevel) >= 10. If your moxie is more than 19 points below what is given in the table above, the toughest monster at any given location will be hitting you 100% of the time.

If we simplify the damage incurred formula to

 (Monster Level - Player Moxie) + (Monster Level * 1/4) = Total Damage

then (disregarding Elemental Resistance, Damage Absorption and other complications) the number of turns you can stay alive is

                Hit pts                  Total HP
 Turns alive = --------- = -------------------------------------
                Damage      1.25 * Monster Level - Player Moxie

Attacking with Player Moxie more than 19 points below the safe level above leaves fewer than 0-3 turns in which to win the fight. For example, without other modifications, a 75 HP, 82-moxie adventurer fighting in the Haert of the Cyrpt would be hit 100% of the time, for 36 to 41 HP each time, and only two to three turns.

Special Zones

There are a few zones where adventuring is never truly "safe".