Rusty old lantern

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rusty old lantern
rusty old lantern

This lantern has no wick, no oil reservoir, and the glass is nearly opaque with age and wear. It's really good for nothing, except maybe holding it over your head when you don't have any ideas.

Type: off-hand item
Mysticality Required: 85
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: rusty old lanterns)
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Item number: 3719
Description ID: 582874358
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Obtained From

Big Brother (20 sand dollars)


Wad.gif brittle plastic handle foggy glass globe
Equals.gif rusty old lantern



  • In unrealistic cartoons, such as the Bugs Bunny cartoons, a lightbulb above a character's head would indicate that the character has thought of something. By extension, a primitive and lightless lantern would indicate the lack of an idea.


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