Rusty hedge trimmers

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rusty hedge trimmers
rusty hedge trimmers

Hmm, why would a topiary animal have its own hedge trimmers? Did they sculpt each other? Or maybe... themselves?

Ugh, that's too weird to comprehend. No, they were probably just trying to keep them away from the gardener.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 85 Meat.

(In-game plural: pairs of rusty hedge trimmers)
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Item number: 5115
Description ID: 540081787
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Obtained From

Twin Peak
bearpig topiary animal
elephant (meatcar?) topiary animal
spider (duck?) topiary animal

When Used

Lost in the Great Overlook Lodge
  • With no adventures left:
You don't have time to trim any hedges right now.
  • While drunk:
You don't have the sobriety to trim any hedges right now.
Not much point in that -- half of the hedge maze was destroyed in the explosion, so it isn't difficult to find your way out of it any more, and anyway there's just a burning crater where the hotel used to be.


  • This item may be used even without access to Twin Peak.


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