Running the Lode

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Running the Lode
Running the Lode

You see a trail of hot wing sauce on the ground, and follow it into a hole at the bottom of a huge hollow tree. As you step inside, you find two breathtaking things: the first is that you're standing in a gigantic imp lode, a huge treasure cache filled with Meat, rare items, and even hard-to-get familiar larvae.

The second breathtaking thing is the imp that just punched you in the stomach. "Hey, undamned one!" he shouts. "Imps only! Now that you know where this is, we have to send it back to Hey Deze!" He holds up his hands, and you see he's holding a box of birthday candles. He makes a complicated gesture with both hands, and reality starts to warp. The imp lode begins to collapse in on itself, folding out of this dimension.

You manage to snag some Meat before it vanishes entirely, but soon you're left standing in a little clearing where the imp lode was. Even worse, the imp with the birthday candles is nowhere to be seen.

Meat.gifYou gain 350 Meat.

Occurs at The Dark Heart of the Woods.


  • Has a cap of 11.


  • This adventure is a reference to the Lode Runner computer games.