Run Like the Wind

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Run Like the Wind

Run Like the Wind

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 2

By pretending to run away without actually running away, you can easily trick an opponent into letting their guard down.

Man, what will those kids think of next?

Source: Using Gothy Handwave against a running man (occasionally)
Price: N/A
Class: Disco Bandit
Level: N/A
Effect: Deals damage and can be part of Rave Combo
When Used:
If the previous round completed a Rave Combo, or was not a Rave Attack:
You turn around and pretend to flee from your opponent, who moves into just the right position for you to land a vicious elbow-jab to their face and follow it up with a powerful reverse-heel-kick to the groin, for a total of 5-10 damage.

As the second move of a Rave Combo:

You follow up your previous move by turning around and pretending to run away. When your opponent moves to attack, you hit them with a surprise backward kick to a vital area for 10-15 damage.

Completing a Rave Combo:

You finish off your dance combo by turning around as though you're about to run away. When your opponent moves in behind you to attack, you spring forward onto your hands and kick your heels upward, striking your foe in the jaw with a loud CLACK! as their teeth slam together, causing 15-20 damage. (If your opponent doesn't have a jaw or teeth, well, let's just pretend, okay?)


You begin to use one of your new rave attacks, and that reminds you that, oh yeah, there was that whole Nemesis thing you were meant to be dealing with, instead of screwing around elsewhere. You decide that you'd prefer not to be reminded of that, and hence decide not to use that attack.