Rumble On

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Rumble On
Rumble On
You feel a strange, thrumming vibration in the ground at your feet..

Uh oh...

The thrumming vibration increases in intensity until it's a full-on shaking. Then it increases some more, putting it firmly in "quake" territory. Aftershocks ensue.

A crack forms in the ground beneath your feet, and a wave of hot air hits you. It's not just heat, though, it's something... else. Something that makes the little hairs on your arm stand up.

This cannot possibly bode well.


  • Began to occur in various places within the Kingdom six hours after rollover on Tuesday the 21st of July, 2009. (6AM, EDT)
  • Appears to occur at any location called by "adventure.php".
  • Seems to be a one time adventure.
  • Caused frames to resize during the encounter in some browsers, producing a jiggling, shaking "quake" effect, as provided by
  • Does not consume an adventure.


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