Rum barrel charrrm

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rum barrel charrrm
rum barrel charrrm

This is a tiny silver charrrm shaped like a rum barrel. How can you tell it's a rum barrel, you ask? Because it has the word "RUM" written on it, I answer. Smartass.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 60 Meat.

(In-game plural: rum barrel charrrms)
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Item number: 2957
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Obtained From

Barrrney's Barrr
tipsy pirate
rum barrel charrrm bracelet

When Used

You attach the rum barrel charrrm to a charrrm bracelet.
Barrelcb.gifYou acquire an item: rum barrel charrrm bracelet
You don't have anything to attach that charrrm to.


TOP 10 rum barrel charrrm collections
1. Galafrone - 14209 | 2. Squidoo - 1255 | 3. miSTRESS of the OBVIOUS - 420 | 4. sensibleb - 314 | 5. Poncho the Sane - 286
6. Sylene - 270 | 7. theMightytANGO - 224 | 8. Magister30 - 223 | 9. Luc1fer - 211 | 10. Artie Effham - 185
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings
Pirate Charrrms
Pirate's Cove
Jolly Roger charrrm bracelet +5 Moxie
Barrrney's Barrr
rum barrel charrrm bracelet +5% Booze Drops
The F'c'le
tarrrnish charrrm bracelet +10 Stench Damage
+10 Damage to Stench Spells
grumpy old man charrrm bracelet +7 to Monster Level
The Poop Deck
cannonball charrrm bracelet Explosively hilarious
copper ha'penny charrrm bracelet +20 Maximum HP/MP
booty chest charrrm bracelet +10% Meat Drops
silver tongue charrrm bracelet +5 Moxie
+10 Spell Damage