Rubber bat

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Rubber bat
Monster ID 2068
Locations The Foreboding Cave
Hit Points 150
Attack 140
Defense 140
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum construct
Elements None
Resistance 75% elemental
Monster Parts body, head, wing
Rubee™, Rubee™
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
rubber bat You're fighting a rubber bat

You hear a loud squeaking noise above you and look up.

Ahh! A bat! ...oh, it's rubber. It's dangling from a mechanical arm that squeaks as it swings around -- guess they forgot to oil it. And by 'forgot' I probably mean 'never bothered'.


squeak, squeak, squeak... You look up and see another bat swinging around over your head. You have to squint at it for a bit to make sure it isn't a real one -- not because it's particularly realistic, just that it's kind of dark in here.


squeak, squeak, squeak... Oh look, another rubber bat. This time you can tell it's fake right away, because it's bright orange. Which prompts some questions: did they buy one orange one accidentally and decide to just use it anyway? Or were the other ones painted black, and they ran out of paint? Or did they, for some reason, decide to paint this one orange? Past a certain level of incompetence, even the most ridiculous explanation seems feasible.


squeak, squeak, squeak... Here's another... wait, that isn't a rubber bat. It's a rubber mouse. However, it's a rubber mouse with construction paper wings stapled to it, and the fact that they put in that extra effort is kind of surprising and puzzling.


squeak, squeak, squeak... Okay, this time the 'bat' is just a tennis ball on a string. Look, let's just play along, alright?

Hit Message(s):

It bonks you in the <arse>. Ouch! Ugh! Oof!

You manage to dodge the 'bat', but get hit by the mechanical arm. Ow! Ow! Ow!

It swings right into your eye. Oof! Eek! Ouch!

Critical Hit Message:

It clonks you on the noggin. It's unusually hard! (CRITICAL HIT!) Ooh! Oof! Ow!

Miss Message(s):

It missed you somehow? That wasn't really supposed to happen, I only wrote this just in case.

After Combat

Megagem.gifYou acquire an item: Rubee™ (% chance)*
Megagem.gifYou acquire an item: Rubee™ (% chance)*

Occurs at The Foreboding Cave.


  • Has 75% elemental resistance
  • Deals retaliatory damage roughly equal to your HP when hit by melee attacks (even if the attack would kill it):
After you hit the bat, it bounces off the ceiling of the cave and ricochets into your head.
HPYou lose X hit points.
  • Never misses (unless forced)