Rosie the Carpenter

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Rosie the Carpenter
Rosie the Carpenter

You wander through the mostly empty frat house into the backyard, where you see an impromptu woodshop set up. Dozens of sorority orcs work with circular saws, sanders, and drills to make new perforated paddles for the frat boy army. "Hey, ladies, what are you up to?" you ask.

"Well, we're --" one starts to answer, but another sorority orc quickly shushes her.

"Loose lips sink ships, Brittany?" she says.

"But, Tiffany, the frat boy army doesn't have any ships?"

"Look, just be quiet, okay?" Tiffany turns back to you and says, "we all have to do our part for the war effort? Look at you! You don't even have a frat-paddle?" She pulls a paddle off of a stack that's waiting to have holes drilled in it, then hands it to you. "Here, take this and go out there and fight?"

Paddle.gifYou acquire an item: homoerotic frat-paddle

Occurs at the Orcish Frat House (Verge of War), without a homoerotic frat-paddle in inventory


  • Makes reference to various WWII era propaganda posters, including Rosie the Riveter.