Roo trading card

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Roo trading card
Roo trading card

This is a trading card depicting KWE star Roo. It's printed with a variety of useful information, for varying definitions of 'useful'. And 'information'.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: Roo trading cards)
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Item number: 2008
Description ID: 991975525
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Obtained From

pack of KWE trading card (0-1)

When Used

You look at the Roo trading card. The front has a picture on it.

(Artwork by Cynn)

The back has some statistics printed on it.

Name: Roo
Special Moves: Kanga Ruse and A Token
Wins: #
Losses: #
Quote: "Take off every fist for great justice, ha-ha!"

Fun Facts:
Roo never takes off his boxing gloves! It's a good thing he doesn't do much typing!

It's rumored that Roo is actually a female kangaroo, and that there's a pouch under his robe, but no one's brave enough to check!

Roo believes that the entire universe is held together by cheez, an unnaturally orange, sticky foam! What, you tell him that's ridiculous!

Your friends at KWE remind you that winners don't resort to violence to solve conflicts!

card 9/16



  • "To take off every fist for great justice, ha-ha!" is a reference to the poorly-translated opening cutscene of the game Zero Wing.
  • The part stating "Roo never takes off his boxing gloves! It's a good thing he doesn't do much typing!" is a reference to Strong Bad from the web cartoon Homestar Runner, who wears boxing gloves all the time and is frequently asked "How do you type with boxing gloves on?" by his fans.


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