Roll of toilet paper

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roll of toilet paper
roll of toilet paper

This is a roll of toilet paper. I'm sure you already have a pretty good idea of what this is used for in the real world, but since this game isn't particularly realistic (or particularly concerned with the fourth wall, apparently) this roll is only useful for making a mess of somebody else's campsite.

Type: usable (self or others)
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: rolls of toilet paper)
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Item number: 1923
Description ID: 934791623
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Obtained From

The Haunted Bathroom
toilet papergeist
Summon Annoyance

When Used

  • Default message:
Using the skills taught to you by the Asian Vandalism Master of 「トイレットペーパー」 Fu, Steve, you expertly dress <player>'s <housing> with the flowing white sheets of your ancestors. This reminds you of a haiku:
Burning cherry tree
Ev'ry blossom is aflame
Uh, here come the cops.
  • When used on a player with no housing:
<player> hasn't got a tent or house, so you just start randomly tossing your toilet paper all over the ground where you think (s)he sleeps. That was mean -- you shouldn't make fun of poor people.
  • When trying to TP a devster:
Thank you for the attempt to curse a devster. Your request will be handled in the order in which it was received. Or not at all.
  • Message received after being TP'd:
<player> has covered your <housing> with toilet paper.
  • Message received after being TP'd with no house:
<player> has littered toilet paper all over your sleepin' hole.
  • Resting at your campsite after it's been TP'd:
You spend a little time after you wake up cleaning up all that toilet paper people have been leaving around. Savages.
You gain 1 Muscleboundness.
  • After being TP'd multiple times without cleaning it up:
There's enough toilet paper left for you to reclaim some of it. You carefully roll the toilet paper back into rolls while you plot your revenge.
Tproll.gifYou acquire some rolls of toilet paper
You get half as many rolls of toilet paper than the number of times you were TP'd.


  • If you have been TP'd, your campground resting area will show TP all over your housing.
Restctp.gifRestd tp.gifRestetp.gifRestftp.gifRestg tp.gif
  • If you also have free rests, the image will not show the (1):
Rest0tp free.gifRest1tp free.gifRest2tp free.gifRest3tp free.gifRest9tp free.gifRest4tp free.gif
Rest5tp free.gifRestatp free.gifRestbtp free.gifRest6tp free.gifRest8tp free.gifRest7tp free.gif
Restctp free.gifRestd tp free.gifRestetp free.gifRestftp free.gifRestg tp free.gif
  • Unlike the brick, this item is still Jickable. So far.
  • Attempting to TP Xenophobe will only show the message, "Not to me."
  • You can TP yourself.
  • If your campsite has been TP'd, and you upgrade your living quarters, it will remain TP'd.
  • After 40 Adventures, the TP is removed automatically. The image reverts to normal and you don't get to clean up the TP.


  • 「トイレットペーパー」 (toiretto pēpā) is simply the English words "toilet paper" written in katakana. It's interesting to note that using "Fu" after another word to indicate skill is English, derived from the Chinese "kung fu."
  • The haiku in the use text is quoted at verbatim from This Book Sucks, a piece of Beavis and Butt-head merchandise.
  • The fourth wall is the imaginary invisible wall at the front of the stage in a proscenium theatre, through which the audience sees the action in the world of the play. The text of the item refers to the fact that this is a game, and so, by acknowledging that there is a reality outside the confines of the stage, "breaks the fourth wall."
  • When cleaning up the mess, the "savages" may be a reference to Clerks.


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