Rock band flyers

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rock band flyers
rock band flyers

This is a stack of flyers promoting some ridiculous top 40 rock band.

Type: combat item (reusable)
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item


(In-game plural: rock band flyerss)
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Item number: 2405
Description ID: 156162263
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Obtained From

Mysterious Island Arena

When Used

  • In general:
You slap a flyer up on your opponent[s]. It enrages <him>.
Monster gets a successful attack.
Anybody who would see this flyer is probably too busy fighting in the war to go to a concert. Try advertising somewhere else.
  • When used again during an adventure you've already used it in:
You've already advertised here.
The Rock Promoters are long gone, and the scheduled day of the show has passed. You toss the stack of flyers in a trash can.


  • Use these to Advertise for the Mysterious Island Arena.
  • Using one of these gives the monster a 100% hit rate on that turn's attack. If something would prevent that attack (such as entangling noodles) you won't get hit.
  • The monster will do more damage on that turn's attack.
  • Likewise, if your familiar kills the monster in the same round, the monster will not attack (contrary to what is implied by current Combat Tree).
  • Similarly, when ambidextrously funk-slung with a stunning item (e.g., a plot hole or jar of swamp gas) the monster will not attack if the stunning item hits successfully.
  • The Mayflower bouquet will block the monster's attack as part of its normal function, following slapping the flyer on them.