Rock Pops

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Rock Pops
Rock Pops

This "candy" looks to be a handful of gravel, infused with gaseous vapors and coated in sugar. Guaranteed to be as good for your teeth as it is your digestive tract.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 25 Meat.
Effect: Sugar Rush (3 Adventures)+20% Combat Initiative
Muscle +5%
Moxie +5%
Mysticality -10%

(In-game plural: packets of Rock Pops)
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Item number: 906
Description ID: 661544730
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Obtained From

When Worlds Collide (3) (Occurs only in Floaty Fatigues)
abandoned candy (0-5)
papier-mâché trophy piñata (0-5)
Stocking Mimic in a Crown of Thrones/Buddy Bjorn
Your Workshed
Model Train Set with Candy Factory
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
A Suspicious-Looking Guy (prior to Halloween LXIV)

When Used

You munch on the Rock Pops. It's like there's a party in your mouth, and everyone is invited!
Hoppedup.gifYou acquire an effect: Sugar Rush
(duration: 3 Adventures)
Rockpops.gifYou acquire an effect: Popping Stomach
(duration: 3 Adventures)


  • Rock Pops is a name reversal of the retro candy Pop Rocks, a carbonated candy designed to make popping sounds when eaten.
  • "It's like there's a party in my mouth, and everyone's invited!" is a line used in an old Butterfingers commercial, though it is better known for appearing in The Simpsons twice, once as Moe's reaction to a "Flaming Homer", and once as Ken Griffey Jr.'s reaction to Mr. Burns' tonic.


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