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Hey, take a gander
This robot's egg-ceptional
Wins over easy.

Does lots of robot-goose type stuff

Ability: Restores HP, attacks either you or the enemy, delevels the enemy, confuses the enemy, and drops robotronic eggs.

Throne/Bjorn: All Attributes +10, sometimes staggers opponent.

Hatchling: Robogoose.gif deactivated RoboGoose

Familiar-Specific Equipment: Chip.gif overclocked avian microprocessor

Arena.gif Ultimate Cage Match Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course Hide and Seek
Olive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gif Hardcorex.gif

Mumming Trunk Abilities:

+15% Meat Drop 6-10 MP +4 Muscle statgain +15% Item Drop +4 Mysticality statgain 18-20HP +2 Moxie statgain
Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Boosts combat Initiative Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif
*Hover for details
Dasboot.gifCannot breathe underwater
Combat Messages
  • Regular messages:
    <name> honks loudly (and soullessly), and lays a robotic egg. The egg rolls over to your opponent, then shoots a series of tiny darts... at you. Look like you've been poached.
    HPYou lose X hit points.
    <name> honks loudly (and soullessly), and lays a robotic egg. The egg extrudes poison-tipped spines and buries itself in your opponent. It turns green and looks sickly; looks like that poison went over hard.
    Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by X
    Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by X
    <name> honks loudly (and soullessly), and lays a robotic egg. A spool of gauze pops out of the egg and soothingly winds its way around your wounds. You feel coddled by the egg.
    HPYou gain X hit points.
    <name> honks loudly (and soullessly), and lays a robotic egg. The egg shoots a matter-altering ray that rearranges your opponent's parts in various entertaining ways, leaving him thoroughly scrambled and dealing X damage worth of internal injuries.
    <name> honks loudly (and soullessly), and lays a robotic egg. The egg rolls over to your opponent and explodes with a brilliant flash of light. Your opponents look dazed and confused -- I guess that egg was sunny-side up.
  • At the end of combat(around 10-12.5%):
    Apparently not realizing that the fight is over, <name> lays another robotic egg. Since there's no enemy nearby, the egg doesn't do anything, so you grab it and stuff it in your sack.
    Roboegg.gifYou acquire an item: robotronic egg
  • Enthroned in the Crown of Thrones:
    Just as your opponent is about to attack, <name> distracts <him> with a sudden deafening honk. From about six inches above your ears. Thanks, <name>. Thanks a lot.
  • Bjornified in the Buddy Bjorn:
    <name> hops out of the Buddy Bjorn and chases your opponent around for a while, beating its wings and honking loudly.
  • With lucky Tam O'Shanter equipped:
    <name>'s optical sensor blinks on and off under the Tam O'Shanter.
  • With miniature gravy-covered maypole equipped:
    <name> does the Funky Chicken around the maypole.
  • With wax lips equipped:
    <name>'s wax-lip smile reminds you of that joke about the duck saying "put it on my bill."

Arena Messages

  • When entered in Hide and Seek:
    Robogeese aren't very good at hide and seek, since their servo motors whine whenever they move.


  • The Robogoose has a 1/3 chance of acting each round, with each of its actions being equally likely.
    • coddled: Restores 2*(Weight+4 + 1d4) +1 HP
    • over hard: Delevels (Weight+4)/3 levels (both by the same amount)
    • poached: Does (Weight+4)/2-1 to (Weight+4)/2+1 in damage
    • scrambled: Does 2*(Weight+2+1d4) in damage
    • sunny-side up: Stuns for one round
  • The Robogoose has a 12% chance of dropping an egg at the end of combat.


  • Several different ways to cook eggs are mentioned in the familiar description and attack messages (e.g., poached, over-hard, coddled, scrambled, sunny-side up, over easy).
  • The first line of this familiar's haiku refers to male geese, otherwise known as "ganders".

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