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After your boat ride, you land on the shores of Distant Lands, and take off by wagon train to the West. As you near the Distant Lands Dude Ranch, you're forced to pass through a narrow canyon in the middle of the desert.

In the middle of the canyon, your way is inexplicably blocked by an enormous anvil, bearing the inscription "ACME Anvil Co." that appears to have been dropped from a great distance.

You spend a few minutes grunting and straining, and are eventually able to move the anvil out of the way. You end up having a delightful vacation, but when you get home, all you can remember is the anvil.

AdventuresYou lose 3 Adventures.
Meat.gifYou spent 500 Meat.
You gain X Fortitude.
Shorescrip.gifYou acquire an item: Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip

Occurs at Distant Lands Dude Ranch Adventure.


  • Stats gained from this adventure will range from (0.35 * mainstat) to (0.55 * mainstat), with an average multiplier of 0.45.


  • The anvil refers to the Road Runner cartoons from Warner Brothers, in which a coyote chases a road runner and tries, despite constant failure, to catch him through various means, including (but not limited to) dropping heavy things such as anvils on him. The anvils, and most of the gadgets he uses, are made by ACME.