Rip Rop Wrappety Do

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Rip Rop Wrappety Do
Rip Rop Wrappety Do

You're fighting your 131st battle on the way from one end of the ship to the next when the air in front of you ripples and freezes. Your enemy tries to attack you, but bounces off some unseen obstacle.

You wave your weapon in front of you and encounter some invisible field protecting you . . . or protecting your enemy, you're not sure which. You get your answer when the enemy is attacked and dragged backwards by the same unseen force. Or at least a very similar unseen force. He flies over the side of the airship and vanishes.

You hear a crinkling, rustling sound rush past your ear. It almost sounds like "Take this, adventurer, it shall prove useful in your quest." Then the boundary is gone and all has returned to normal.

Relatively speaking.

Imm4.gifYou acquire an item: Plastic Wrap Immateria

Occurs at The Penultimate Fantasy Airship.



  • As with the Tissue Paper Immateria , the Gauze Immateria and the Tin Foil Immateria, this adventure (or rather the item you get from it) is a play on the Materia of Final Fantasy 7.
  • Rip Rop Wrappety Do is a reference to a rap performed by Grandmaster Rap and Kid Shazzam (Jerry Minor and Horatio Sanz) in the SNL skit "Rap Street"
  • The "invisible field" may be a reference to the movie Antz. In the movie, the main character Zee tries to eat a sandwich surrounded by plastic wrap, which he describes as an invisible force field.
  • The '131st battle' also refers to the Final Fantasy series. Where a person can go to one point to the other and encounter a lot of enemies. And taking a few steps can also encounter a monster.