Ring that Bell

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You enter a room occupied solely by a carnival barker standing next to a strength-test machine.

"Hey there, pally," he barks. "To pass this challenge, what you've gotta do is step right up and hit this here ball with this here n-pound mallet. Hit the ball, ring the bell, and win a kewpie doll for the little lady. Or, y'know, no kewpie doll, but I'll let you pass."

Ring that Bell
  • On failed attempt:
    You tug with all your might, but you can't even lift the mallet. Looks like you need to buff up a bit, son. Or daughter, as the case may be.
  • On successful attempt:
    You hoist the heavy hammer and hammer on the ball, ringing the bell just like playing a guitar.
    "Nice work," barks the barker, as he steps aside to show you the stairs.

Occurs at Fernswarthy's Basement.


  • n is equal to lvl1.4 + 2.


  • The successful attempt text contains a play on Chuck Berry's song Johnny B. Goode, which tells of a country boy who could "play the guitar just like ringing a bell."
  • The event name is in reference to The Price is Right where Bob Barker would occasionally, during an event that requires bell ringing, say "Ring that bell!"