Ring of adornment

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ring of adornment
ring of adornment

This is a ring that makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. Maybe because they think you're married, and that the grass is always greener on the other side of the wedding. Unless you get married indoors, in which case that doesn't make any sense.

Type: accessory
Mysticality Required: 25
Selling Price: 90 Meat.

Moxie +10

(In-game plural: rings of adornment)
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Item number: 1293
Description ID: 325016105
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Obtained From

dead mimic (conditionally, with wand in inventory or less than 3 days after the last wand exploded)


  • This item can also be obtained by zapping a ring of aggravate monster or another Dungeons of Doom ring. This was the only way to obtain the ring before April 16, 2008.
  • Before March 6, 2008, this item's enchantment was +5 Moxie.


  • The ring of adornment is an item in NetHack which alters charisma. Rings of Adornment also appeared in the early '90s shareware videogame Castle of the Winds, and in the first roguelike game rogue, but had no useful effect in either.

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