Rhesus monkey

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rhesus monkey
rhesus monkey

"You got your monkey in my peanut butter!" "You got your peanut butter in my monkey!"

A monkey is the natural Gummo to a ninja pirate zombie robot's Marx Brothers. Never trust a monkey.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot
Selling Price: 75 Meat.

+5 to Familiar Weight

(In-game plural: rhesus monkeys)
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Item number: 1364
Description ID: 300181440
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Obtained From

The Cake-Shaped Arena
Every 5th win with a Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot equipped
Every 2nd win with a Comma Chameleon equipped (Sometimes)
box of Familiar Jacks


  • The "You got your monkey in my peanut butter!" refers to an advertisement for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, because "rhesus" is pronounced very much like "Reese's".
  • "Never trust a monkey" is a reference to a Brak segment from Cartoon Planet. You can listen to the audio for it here: http://www.npzr.org/public/monkey.mp3. This phrase is probably derived from the advice "Never trust a junkie".
  • Gummo was an original member of the Marx Brothers, but unlike the other 4 never appeared in any of their movies.
  • It is worth noticing that the Monkey is a playable character in the video game Timesplitters: Future Perfect, and comes in four types, three of which are included in the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot's name (there is no Pirate Monkey).
  • The Rhesus monkey is just another name for the Rhesus Macaque, a species of monkey. It has given its name to the Rhesus factor, which is one of the elements of a person's blood group, or the positive and negative aspects of a persons blood type.
  • This is a probably a reference to the Robot-monkey-ninja-zombie-pirate from this post of: Rob and Elliot.

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