Restless ghost

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Restless ghost
Monster ID 1906
Locations Investigating a Plaintive Telegram
Hit Points 0
Attack 0
Defense 0
Initiative 50
Meat None
Phylum undead
Elements spooky
Resistance 100%
Monster Parts ectoplasm
ghost bit
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
restless ghost You're fighting a restless ghost

This feller (or lady, it's hard to tell what with the amorphous form and lack of distinguishable features) apparently has some unfinished business left to attend to in this here mortal realm.

RE: Madness at the Mine

Oh god, a ghost! Is it real? Are you just seeing crazy things, or is this a real ghost? "Hey! Hey, are you real?" you ask it. It doesn't seem to be able to process the question, and just sort of screams.

RE: Missing: Fancy Man

The air suddenly cools as a voice whispers "Faaaaaaaancy. We're aaaaaaalllllll faaaaaaaancyyyyyy heeeeeere."

RE: Haunted Boneyard

"Intruder!" the ghost howls at you. "Intruder!"

"Hey look buddy, I'm just--" you say.

"Intruder is my favorite Peter Gabriel song!"


RE: Haunted Boneyard

These ghosts seem really mad about something! Property values, maybe? Overcrowding? The fact that religion lied to them about the afterlife and they're stuck here in the same stupid world with the same stupid people as always?

RE: Haunted Boneyard

Some folks might expect that you couldn't fight a ghost with an ordinary weapon like an old six-shooter pistol, but you know how werewolves are allergic to silver? Turns out that's just werewolves, and ghosts aren't allergic to any kind of metal. So uh, not really sure where I was going with that comparison.

RE: Missing: Many Children

Towards the front of the ghost train, you encounter a ghost conductor. He won't stop whispering "Aaaaaaalll aboooooooard... Aaaaaaalll aboooooooard..."

It's preey creepy. You should put a stop to it.

RE: Missing: Many Children

You poke your head into one of the passenger compartments of the ghost train, and find a ghost passenger inside it. You're... not sure what you were expecting, if not that, I guess.

The passenger shrieks, apparently enraged by your invasion of his (her?) privacy.

RE: Missing: Many Children

In the dining car, you encounter the ghost of a waiter. He holds a ghostly tray up to your face, and you smell rotting meat. When you wrinkle your nose, he flies into a rage, hurls the tray through the train's floor, and attacks you.

RE: Missing: Pioneer Daughter

As you're making your way across the ranchlands to Daisy's homestead, you are accosted by what is apparently the ghost of a rancher. "I'm very angry," he says, "both because I am dead and because you are trespassing!"

Pretty articulate for a ghost!

RE: Wagon Train Escort Wanted

This ghost seems really angry about something, and maybe if you two sat down and talked it over, this situation could be resolved without violence. But, your mother always told you not to talk to strangers or ghosts, so that's that I guess.

Hit Message(s):

It reaches inside you and punches your organs. (spooky damage)

It howls at a frequency that makes your <bung> rupture. (spooky damage)

It shoots you with a ghost revolver, putting a large hole through your soul's <nipple>. (spooky damage)

Critical Hit Message:

It punches you in the stomach. I mean like, it reaches into your torso and punches you in the stomach.

Miss Message(s):

It moans about some injustice or other. You aren't really paying attention.

It tries to punch you, but phases right through.

It shoots you with a ghost revolver, but the ghost bullet doesn't do anything.

Fumble Message:

It makes angry wispy muttering noises and halfhearted "wooooo" sounds. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Ghostbit.gifYou acquire an item: ghost bit (?% chance)*

Occurs at Investigating a Plaintive Telegram.


  • Has 100% physical resistance.
  • If vengeful, has 50% elemental resistance.
  • If shrieking, has 75% elemental resistance.
  • Resistances can be bypassed with Pinch Ghost