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Resting at your campsite (or private hotel room, or personal campsite) uses up one adventure. However, certain skills will grant you a free rest if you know them. When free (no adventure) resting is possible the housing image will not have "(1)" next to the text.

Resting will replenish both your HP and your MP and remove the Beaten Up effect. For a comprehensive list of everything in the game that restores HP and MP, see HP Restorers and MP Restorers. If your HP and MP are full, you cannot rest (which can be useful to get a buff or to cure Beaten Up):

You don't need to rest right now.

Free Rests

Certain things in the game let you rest "for free" a certain number of times per day -- resting will not consume an adventure. All sources of this ability stack, granting additional free rests. Like most daily activities, your free rests are also restored upon ascension. You cannot choose when to use your free rests; if you have 2 free rests, the first and second times you rest in a day will be free, and subsequent rests will consume an adventure.

Current sources of free rests:

Out of them, the following are available under the Standard restrictions as of 2023, for the maximum of 16:


Immediately after creating a new account or ascending the player will be able to rest on the ground, for a small HP and MP gain. Upgrades to your housing allow more HP and MP to be restored every time you rest, and might cause you to gain effects when resting.

The campsite item, Pagoda, will double the amount of HP and MP the player gains each rest. If a player has a comfy blanket in their inventory, resting heals for about 50 more HP. If Ronald is full, MP gains are doubled. If Grimace is full, HP gains are doubled. The "Makes you sleep like the dead" effect of the item cement shoes restores an additional 30 HP and MP. The Muschat wine grants 20 Adventures of the the effect L'instinct Félin, which approximately triples the HP & MP restored by resting. Pantsgiving will increase HP and MP gains by 5 per current level of fullness.

The following table shows the item used to upgrade the campsite housing, the resulting image, and the resulting base HP and MP gains.

The Ground Newbiesport™ Tent Giant Pilgrim Hat Barskin Tent Cottage
Rest0.gifRest0 free.gif Rest1.gifRest1 free.gif Restf.gifRestf free.gif Rest2.gifRest2 free.gif Rest3.gifRest3 free.gif
3 - 5 HP 8 - 10 HP 13 - 15 HP 18 - 20 HP 28 - 30 HP
5 MP 10 MP 15 MP 20 MP 30 MP
Pyramid House Sandcastle Ginormous Pumpkin Giant Faraday Cage
Rest9.gifRest9 free.gif Rest4.gifRest4 free.gif Rest5.gifRest5 free.gif Resta.gifResta free.gif Restb.gifRestb free.gif
33 - 35 HP 38 - 40 HP 48 - 50 HP 48-50 HP 48-50 HP
35 MP 40 MP 50 MP 50 MP 50 MP
Snow Fort Elevent House of Twigs and Spit Gingerbread House Hobo Fortress
Restc.gifRestc free.gif Restd.gifRestd free.gif Rest6.gifRest6 free.gif Rest8.gifRest8 free.gif Rest7.gifRest7 free.gif
48-50 HP 48-50 HP 58 - 60 HP 68 - 70 HP 84 - 85 HP
50 MP 50 MP 60 MP 70 MP 85 MP
Residence-Cube Mushroom House
Reste.gifReste free.gif Restg.gifRestg free.gif
98-100 HP 140 HP
100 MP 70 MP

Some housing additionally grants an effect while resting:

Housing Effect Limit
Giant Pilgrim Hat random effect (15 Adventures) none
Pyramid Pyramid Power (20 Adventures) 3 times per day
Ginormous Pumpkin Juiced and Jacked (10 Adventures) Once per day
Giant Faraday Cage Uncaged Power (30 Adventures) Once per day
Snow Fort Snow Fortified (20 Adventures) Once per day
Elevent It's Ridiculous (11 Adventures) Once per day
Gingerbread House Holiday Bliss (5-50 Adventures) Once per day
Hobo Fortress Hobonic (10 Adventures) none
Residence-Cube Hypercubed (50 Adventures) Once per day
Mushroom House Mushed (20 Adventures) Once per day

When changing housing, you must confirm that you wish to destroy your old housing:

Installing this at your campsite will destroy your <current housing> -- are you sure you want to proceed?


Choosing to do so gives a message unique to the housing.

Be aware, any furnishings (see below) installed in your housing will be destroyed along with the structure. Also, you can downgrade your housing, such as replacing a house with a barskin tent; though it is unlikely you'd have reason to do so, the game will not prevent you.


Certain items provide benefits when placed within your dwelling. Some furnishings enhance resting, while others provide a passive benefit. However, keep in mind that you cannot apply any of the dwelling items unless you actually have a roof over your head, so you cannot use them when the only option available is to rest on the ground. Get a house, you hippy.

Clicking on the small magnifying glass above your dwelling displays descriptions of any furnishings within.


Beds are mutually exclusive. Installing a bed in your dwelling destroys your previous bed.

Item In-game description Notes
beanbag chair
Sleeping in this beanbag chair is really relaxing, and allows you to recover an additional 30 Mana Points each time you rest. Regain 30 more MP when resting
bed of coals
This hot, hot, hot bed will increase your tolerance for high temperatures. Gives So-So Hot Resistance
comfy coffin
You have a coffin for a bed. You aren't afraid of anything. Gives So-So Spooky Resistance
filth-encrusted futon
This thing should've been thrown out years ago. You've had to develop a pretty high tolerance for stench just to be able to be in the same room as it. Gives So-So Stench Resistance
Al bed.gif
forest canopy bed
You sleep on a bed that brings you in touch with the natural world. It's inspiring.
  • Bonus 10-20 of each substat when resting
  • 5 free rests
frigid air mattress
Just having this in your dwelling will teach you tricks for dealing with the cold. Gives So-So Cold Resistance
gauze hammock
This big, bandage-like hammock will heal your injuries as you sleep, allowing you to recover an additional 60 HP each time you rest. Regain 60 more HP when resting
Lazybones™ recliner
You sleep in a recliner made of human bones. You, sir (or madam) are not afraid of anything.
You sleep on a bed that reminds you of the ocean's waves, passively making you a better diver. Reduces up to 10% of the underwater pressure penalty.
stained mattress
You sleep on somebody else's stained mattress. Have you no shame? No, actually, I guess you don't. Gives So-So Sleaze Resistance
sleeping stocking
You sleep in a giant stocking. It keeps you feeling safe and secure, even when you're not in it! Increases DR
spirit bed
You sleep on a bed that puts you in touch with the spirit world. Gives 20 Adventures of Spirit Schooled (Maximum MP +20%)


You can only have one maid in your campground. Changing your housing will not remove your maid.

Item In-game description Notes
Cmaid.gif Your Meat Maid will clean up your dwelling for you, saving you lots of time. You will gain 4 additional Adventures each night at rollover. Gain 4 adventures per day
Maid2.gif Your Clockwork Maid will clean up your dwelling for you, saving you lots of time. You will gain 8 additional Adventures each night at rollover. Gain 8 adventures per day
Butler.gif Your Meat Butler will clean up your dwelling for you, saving you lots of time. You will gain 4 additional Adventures each night at rollover and meat each day. Gain 4 adventures per day
Collect 941-982 Meat once per day
Portable housekeeping robot (campground item) Your portable housekeeping robotwill[sic] clean up your dwelling for you, saving you lots of time. You will gain 10 additional Adventures each night at rollover. Gain 10 adventures per day

Miscellaneous Furnishings

Item In-game description Notes
Certificate of Participation
Your Kingdom of Loathing Certificate of Participation hangs proudly, declaring to all who view it that you are, indeed, a participant in the Kingdom of Loathing. Go, you! Replaced the Kingdom of Loathing Certificate of Participation.
Shiny Certificate of Participation
Your Kingdom of Loathing Certificate of Participation hangs proudly, declaring to all who view it that you are, indeed, a participant in the Kingdom of Loathing. Go, you!

The Certificate is all shiny because you've been to one of the official KoL Conventions.
Replaces the Certificate of Participation if you attend KoL Con.
Really Good Feng Shui
The really good Feng Shui of your dwelling allows you to regain an additional 7 Mana Points each time you rest. Acquired by using Feng Shui for Big Dumb Idiots with windchimes and a decorative fountain in your inventory.
confusing LED clock
You've got a really confusing clock on your nightstand. Resting with this item with a broken Magical Mystical Hippy Stone will trade 5 adventures (only if available) for 5 PvP fights and destroy the clock.
bonsai tree
You have a peaceful bonsai tree. Acquired by using a bonsai tree, this furnishing gives an additional 2 Mana Points each time you rest.
lucky cat statue
You have a spooky grinning cat statue. Acquired by using a lucky cat statue, this gives the effect Lucky Cat Is Lucky (+5% Items from Monsters) for 5 Adventures, if you don't already have it.
Cuckoo Clock
Your intricate cuckoo clock will help you be even more on time for things than you usually are, giving you 3 additional Adventures per day. Acquired by using a cuckoo clock, this furnishing gives an additional 3 adventures each rollover.
Meat Globe
Your Meat Globe will magically line your pockets with Meat while you sleep. Acquired by using a meat globe.
Tin Roof (Rusted)
Your dwelling is shaded by a gross rusty tin roof, putting you in a bad mood and giving you 5 extra PvP fights each day. Acquired by using a tin roof (rusted).
Picture of You
There's a painting of you hanging on the wall. Lookin' good! Acquired by using a picture of you. Removes Beaten Up and restores health after losing combat 10 times.

"Tasteful" Furnishings

There are other furnishings that can be installed independently of a bed: the black-and-blue light, the blue plasma ball, and Loudmouth Larry Lamprey, each of which applies an effect when you rest in your dwelling. Furnishings from Summon Tasteful Items will not activate if the player currently has two or more turns of the effect, and the furnishings will burn out after 3-5 activations.

Item In-game description Notes
black-and-blue light
Your dwelling is bathed in the eerie glow of a black-and-blue light. Sleeping under it will probably make your bruises seem less severe. Effect: Less Vincible (5 turns):
Restores 3-5 HP per Adventure
blue plasma ball
Your dwelling is equipped with one of those awesome shimmering blue plasma balls. It'll provide literally minutes of fun! Effect: Stuck-Up Hair (5 turns):
Damages enemies when they attack
Loudmouth Larry Lamprey
You've got a Loudmouth Larry Lamprey on the wall -- his singing will surely keep you company as you rest. Effect: In Tuna (5 turns):
Restores 3-5 MP per Adventure

Crimbo 2009 Furnishings

Having one of these gives five turns of Holiday Bliss once per day, having a Gingerbread House and all three of them gives 50 turns of Holiday Bliss. Two out of four gives ten turns and three out of four gives 20 turns.

Item In-game description Notes
Crimbo wreath
This is a festive Crimbo wreath. It symbolizes the circle of life, which is ironic considering the number of brave young pine branches that had to die to make it. Gives 5-50 turns of Holiday Bliss once per day on resting
string of Crimbo lights
This is a strand of brightly-colored Crimbo lights. They're great, because nothing says "holiday cheer" like wasting electricity. Gives 5-50 turns of Holiday Bliss once per day on resting
plastic Crimbo reindeer
What's tackier than a plastic flamingo? This. By a country mile. Gives 5-50 turns of Holiday Bliss once per day on resting


When resting or relaxing, a player might come across a dream. For resting that uses an adventure, the following dream discussion applies. Free rests won't trigger these dreams. Players that have an Unconscious Collective familiar, will receive special dream messages for their free rests that have nothing to do with the dreams listed here. Players that have a plastic nightmare troll used on them will receive nightmares while resting, instead of the following dreams.

Only one or no dream will occur each rest, and the dreams, for the most part, have no impact on play. The "underwear" dream was the original dream, and for a very long time, the only dream implemented in the game. The "hockey mask" dream in which the player acquires a mask occurs very rarely, while each of the others occur at approximately equal ratios (excluding the beet, which was borderline ultra rare before it was removed).

Dream Chance

The chance of receiving a dream is based on the quality of your housing. It can be increased by certain furnishings (gauze hammock is known to work), or by wearing the Dreadful Pajamas. Having a Pagoda is believed to help.

(Some of our knowledge of Dream Chance comes from an accidental information leak that was briefly present in the game just before the launching of Dreadsylvania.)

The Dreams

You dream you're running through the basement of Cobb's Knob. You enter the boiler room and get jumped by some freaky dude in a striped sweater and jaunty fedora. He's wearing a glove with five razor-sharp pasta spoons strapped to it! He slashes at you and you wake up screaming... but it was only a dream. Or ... was it?

Yeah, I guess it was.

You dream you're running through the basement of Cobb's Knob. You enter the boiler room and get jumped by some freaky dude in a striped sweater and jaunty fedora. He's wearing a glove with five razor-sharp pasta spoons strapped to it!

He advances on you, but is suddenly tackled from behind by a guy wearing a hockey mask and armed with a huge pair of tongs. They fight for a few minutes, and while they're not paying attention you gaffle the hockey mask, which has fallen off during the fray.

When you wake up, you think to yourself "Pshew, it was just a dream." Then you realize you're still clutching the hockey mask! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Hockeymask.gifYou acquire an item: spooky hockey mask

(occurs rarely)

You have a dream in which you are approached in your bed by a very fat man wearing a ballerina's outfit and a pair of paper wings on his back.

"Hey," he says, "youse got some teeth. T'anks. Here youse goes."

Meat.gifYou gain 50-60 Meat.

Note: Requires one loose teeth, which is lost.


You have a dream in which you are approached in your bed by a very fat man wearing a ballerina's outfit and a pair of paper wings on his back.

"Youse ain't got any teeth," he says. "I'll try youse again later."

You dream that your teeth fall out, and you put them in your pocket for safe keeping. Fortunately, when you wake up, you appear to have grown a new set.

Looseteeth.gifYou acquire an item: loose teeth

Note: The item acquisition message above is not displayed.

You have an incredibly vivid dream in which you're a butterfly, flitting about in the breeze. When you wake up, you aren't quite sure whether you're an adventurer that dreamt of being a butterfly, or a butterfly that's dreaming of being an adventurer.

You do feel an overwhelming urge to pollinate something, though.

You dream that you're standing in front of the Council of Loathing dressed only in your underwear.

You dream that you are scampering through a meadow, snapping at butterflies. Well you think they're butterflies -- they might be moths, you can't really tell because you can't see colors and also you don't speak English and hey, is that a car? Oh boy oh boy you should totally chase that car. Woof! Woof woof woof!

You are woken up by the thrashing about of your own legs. The memory of your dream is so real that it is literally a tangible object. Crazy!

Martini.gifYou acquire an item: dream of a dog

(occurs very rarely)

You dream that you are standing on top of a dune in a vast, dry desert. So dry. How dry it is, you think to yourself. How dry I am.

On the horizon, you spot an oasis. You find it in yourself to run toward it, and drink from it. It's filled with whiskey.

You fall on your back to watch the sky spin. In the center of its gyre a single letter glows, a glyph written in fire.


You wake up with the afterimage of the letter still burned into your retina.

(occurs rarely and most likely only if your clan has a Speakeasy)

You are having that pleasant dream involving a tub of ice cream, a cordless screwdriver, and the meteorologist from the local station, when a large rip appears in your vision. A creepy tentacle reaches out towards you and a voice whispers in your mind, "Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl will not be thwarted. Open the way so he may feast...."

You awake with that feeling best described in dwarvish, "ohcrapthatcannotbegoodenfeelin".

(began occuring some time after the Tentacle Incursion world event)

You dream that you're running down an endless series of hallways. No matter which way you turn, there are more identical hallways. Just when you're about to give up and call for help, one of the hallways ends at a door. On the door, in huge purple letters, is written a single word: "Erleichda". You step through. When you wake up, you find a lump under your pillow, the smell of perfume in the air, and hoofprints leading away from your campsite.

Beet.gifYou acquire an item: beet

(No longer attainable)

Spirit World

During the 2013 revamp of Turtle Tamers, resting is the way to unlock the Spirit World. After the normal resting message there appears:

You dream of a ghostly, elongated face, yawning in a misty expanse. Its eyes snap open and you awaken with a start. A vision drifts into your mind, of a foggy portal in Forest Village.

It's not much to go on, but it's a start. Specifically the one you awoke with.

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifThe Spirit World, in Forest Village.

Chateau Mantegna

Chateau Mantegna contains a bed that can be used to rest in. You can use Free Rests on the Chateau Mantegna bed, but is unaffected by furnishing at your Campground. You also cannot have dreams when resting in it.



  • The butterfly dream refers to a story from the works of Zhuangzi, a Taoist sage and humorist and maker of Chinese fables. The story concerns the ephemerality of the self and the nature of existence.
  • The "freaky dude in a striped sweater" is most likely Freddy Krueger, from the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • The "guy wearing a hockey mask" is most likely Jason Voorhees, from the Friday the 13th movies.
  • The dream that results in you acquiring the Spooky Hockey mask is clearly a reference to Freddy vs. Jason. The ending of the dream, where you wake up with the hockey mask is a reference to A Nightmare on Elm Street. In the movie, Nancy Thompson falls asleep in a sleep institute and is confronted by Freddy off-screen; when she is awakened, Freddy's brown fedora is in her hand and she states that she pulled it out of her dream.
  • The "very fat man wearing a ballerina's outfit" is a play on the Tooth Fairy, possibly inspired by the comic radio serial "The Secret Adventures of the Tooth Fairy".
  • A dream about having your teeth fall out is one of the most common types of dream that a person can have, and is often cited as such in dream interpretation books.
  • The beet dream refers to the Tom Robbins book Jitterbug Perfume, which prominently features beets and perfume. According to the book, "Erleichda" means "Lighten Up".

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