Resolution: be sexier

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resolution: be sexier
resolution: be sexier

This is a slip of paper with a motivational speech written on it, and a slight dampness resulting from it having been soaked in some kind of perfume.

Type: potion
Effect: Irresistible Resolve (20 Adventures)+2 Moxie Stats Per Fight
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: resolutions: be sexier)
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Item number: 5468
Description ID: 798256561
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Obtained From

Summon Resolutions

When Consumed

You read aloud:

"I, <playername>, resolve to be sexier. Too sexy for my pants, hat, and weapon. Too sexy for Seaside Town, Forest Village, and Bordertown. Too sexy, in fact, for this little slip of paper..."

Without another word, you drop the paper and walk off the stage.

Resolve sexy.gifYou acquire an effect: Irresistible Resolve
(duration: 20 Adventures)


  • The use message parodys the lyrics of "I'm Too Sexy", by British band Right Said Fred.

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Summoned Resolutions
Resolution Effect
wealthier Greedy Resolve +30% Meat from Monsters
happier Joyful Resolve +15% Items from Monsters
feistier Destructive Resolve Weapon Damage +20
Spell Damage +20
stronger Strong Resolve +2 Muscle Stats Per Fight
smarter Brilliant Resolve +2 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
sexier Irresistible Resolve +2 Moxie Stats Per Fight
kinder Kindly Resolve +5 to Familiar Weight
luckier Fortunate Resolve Bonus Luck!
(several small bonuses)
more adventurous n/a +2 Rollover Adventures