Resolution: be kinder

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resolution: be kinder
resolution: be kinder

This is a slip of paper with a motivational speech on it designed to inspire you to stop being so mean to animals. What kind of monster are you, that you even need this?

Type: potion
Effect: Kindly Resolve (20 Adventures)+5 to Familiar Weight
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: resolutions: be kinder)
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Item number: 5470
Description ID: 943398376
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Obtained From

Summon Resolutions

When Consumed

You read aloud:

I, <playername>, resolve to be kinder to animals, and to cease all prior abusive behavior, including but not limited to:

  • <action> <animal>
  • <action> <animal>
  • <action> <animal>

Seriously. I'm going to stop doing all of those things right now."

Resolve kind.gifYou acquire an effect: Kindly Resolve
(duration: 20 Adventures)

Word Lists


  • abusing
  • bothering
  • chastising
  • folding
  • deliberately laundering
  • giving Indian Burns to
  • giving wet willies to
  • hassling
  • insulting
  • juggling
  • kicking
  • prank-calling
  • punching
  • shaking
  • shouting
  • stealing from
  • suplexing
  • throwing
  • tripping
  • yelling at


Baby may be randomly added in front of the animal.

  • bats
  • beavers
  • budgies
  • clams
  • cows
  • dingoes
  • eagles
  • gators
  • goats
  • goldfish
  • hens
  • herrings
  • mice
  • ocelots
  • oppossums
  • owls
  • oysters
  • parakeets
  • ponies
  • roosters
  • wallabies
  • weasels

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Summoned Resolutions
Resolution Effect
wealthier Greedy Resolve +30% Meat from Monsters
happier Joyful Resolve +15% Items from Monsters
feistier Destructive Resolve Weapon Damage +20
Spell Damage +20
stronger Strong Resolve +2 Muscle Stats Per Fight
smarter Brilliant Resolve +2 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
sexier Irresistible Resolve +2 Moxie Stats Per Fight
kinder Kindly Resolve +5 to Familiar Weight
luckier Fortunate Resolve Bonus Luck!
(several small bonuses)
more adventurous n/a +2 Rollover Adventures