Repeat As Pete

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Repeat As Pete
Repeat As Pete

You swim through the shallow waters of dreaming to the shores of consciousness, bouyed[sic] by the water wings of self-actualization. You fully awaken, grateful that the awkward metaphor has ended.

But something's changed while you were doing the backstroke of delta-brain waves through dream's waters (sorry). In fact, several things have changed. For one, you feel a little less like yourself and more like someone...cooler. You sit up, marvel that you haven't got a hair out of place and your breath is fresh as a mint-encrusted daisy. "Woah," you say, your voice a mix of cool indifference and sarcastic over-inflection, "what did I do last night?"


"What the--" you ask, looking around for the source of the disembodied laughter.

"Do not panic," a soothing, female voice says, "that is just your studio audience. You are embodying the Avatar of Sneaky Pete, and Sneaky Pete had a crowd that followed him around, laughing at his jokes, gasping at his hijinx, and going 'Awwwww' when he kissed a lady."

"Well, that answers one question, lady, but I've got a heck of a follow-up: who are you?" you say, again with that weird laid-back sarcasm. The studio audience titters appreciatively.

"I am Sneaky Pete's most trusted, indeed his only true friend in a world of admirers and hangers-on. I am a motorcycle with an advanced artificial robotic brain."

"Wait, you're telling me Sneaky Pete--that cat who lived hundreds of years ago--had a robot motorcycle?"

"Would you not agree that having a robot motorcycle is cool?" the motorcycle replies. "Sneaky Pete was more than cool. He was the embodiment of cool. He could not have failed to have something as awesome as me."

There's the sound of an engine revving, and then a headlight comes into view, and the motorcycle glides toward you. "And now you are the Avatar of Sneaky Pete, and I am your motorcycle," the motorcycle says. "You may give to me the coolest name you can conceive of."

Whatcha want to name your bike?


Don't be Draggin', be Pete

With an empty textbox:

You gotta have a name!

With 51+ characters:

You've got to have a name 50 characters or less and without funny characters.


You sit astride <Name> and flick a comb through your hair. A voice sounds in your head as you do; the spirit of Sneaky Pete himself. "Don't screw this up, kid," he says, "I gotta rep to protect, after all. Be cool. When you can't be cool, be awesome." "I will," you vow, a tear in your eye.

"Awwwwwwwww," goes the studio audience.

If you have Sneaky Pete's leather jacket or Sneaky Pete's leather jacket (collar popped)

You straighten the lapels on your cool leather jacket and prepare to ride off into the sunrise...

Petejacket.gifYou acquire an item: Sneaky Pete's leather jacket
Petejacket2.gifYou acquire an item: Sneaky Pete's leather jacket (collar popped)

Occurs upon starting the Avatar of Sneaky Pete challenge path.