Repair the Elves' Shield Generator

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Investigate the wrecked domed cities of Grimacia and Ronaldus and figure out how to re-activate the Hamburglaris Shield Generator. This quest begins upon first entering A Transporter Booth, which is accessed under the effect Transpondent from a transporter transponder.




Upon first adventuring on the moons:

Explore Ronaldus and Grimacia to find out what happened to the elves.

After finding at least one map:

Use the Maps you've found to search for missing scientists.

After finding a spooky little girl:

Escort Axel around the moons.

After obtaining an E.M.U. Unit:

Find and repair the shield generator on Hamburglaris.

Upon completion

Congratulations! You've saved a few of the elves!


  • Note that alien creatures appear in the domed cities depending on the brightness of their corresponding moon. Obtaining maps from the elven survivors is more expedient when the city's moon is darker, because fewer alien monsters will appear.
  • Do the escort part in Grimacia because you may get some spare Maps to Safety Shelter Grimace Prime along the way. These may be redeemed for synthetic dog hair pills or distention pills. The maps are quest items, so be sure to redeem them before ascending.
  • However, it is still possible to acquire maps after completing the quest.
  • This quest cannot be completed while on the Avatar of Boris or Way of the Surprising Fist paths, since the spooky little girl cannot be equipped.