Reminiscing About Those Monsters You Fought

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Reminiscing About Those Monsters You Fought

You look at the photographs in your locket, every time you do it makes you laugh (as you reminisce). You debate which fight to relive.
Reminisce about that fight with [monster]


After choosing a monster:


You stare at the photo in your locket and think back on all the wonderful fights you've had. There's a brief flash of blue as your locket changes to reflect your latest reminiscence.

Occurs when clicking the [reminisce] link on the combat lover's locket.


  • Allows you to fight one monster stored by the combat lover's locket by selecting it from the dropdown list.
  • Usable three times per day.
  • After fighting a particular monster, it disappears from the list of options for the day.
  • Without any monsters stored, the message is instead:
There are no photos in your locket that you wish to reminisce about. Maybe go fight something first.
  • Tip: if the list of possible monsters gets too long to navigate, on most browsers you can start typing the monster's name while having the dropdown selected, and the selection will be moved to the first option that matches your input.
  • The image of the locket is overlaid over the monster image throughout the fight, appearing as though it is a picture inside the locket.