Release the Boots

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Release the Boots

Release the Boots

Type: Combat
MP Cost: N/A

Source: Have a charged Pair of Stomping Boots as your current familiar
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Directs your Pair of Stomping Boots to smash the current monster into consumable paste.
When Used:
<Familiar name> leaps up, feet flying, heels stomping, buckles jangling, and stomps your opponent into paste. Thank goodness there wasn't a mudhole nearby.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
(see below)


<Familiar name> shuffles its heels, gets a running start, then leaps on <him> and stomps mightily for 90-110 damage.
Type Item Effect Effect Summary
Beasts Paste2.gif beastly paste Beastly Flavor +3 to Familiar Weight
Bugs Paste1.gif bug paste Buggy Flavor 25% chance of poisoning opponent
Constellations Paste5.gif cosmic paste Cosmic Flavor

+10% to critical spell chance

Constructs Paste3.gif oily paste Oily Flavor Muscle +15
Demons Paste4.gif demonic paste Demonic Flavor
Dudes Paste1.gif gooey paste none none
Elementals Paste4.gif elemental paste Elemental Flavor +5 Prismatic Damage
Elves Paste2.gif Crimbo paste Crimbo Flavor

Spell Damage +30

Fish Paste1.gif fishy paste Fishy -1 Adventure cost underwater
Goblins Paste2.gif goblin paste Gobliny Flavor 5 Damage Reduction
Hippies Paste2.gif hippy paste Hippy Flavor Mysticality +15
Hobos Paste1.gif hobo paste Hobo Flavor
Horrors Paste5.gif indescribably horrible paste Indescribable Flavor Spell Damage +30
Humanoids Paste5.gif greasy paste Greasy Flavor Weapon Damage +30
Mer-kin Paste1.gif Mer-kin paste Mer-kinny Flavor Lets you breathe underwater
Orcs Paste3.gif orc paste Fratty Flavor Moxie +15
Penguins Paste3.gif penguin paste Penguinny Flavor
Pirates Paste3.gif pirate paste Piratey Flavor

+5% chance of critical hit

Plants Paste4.gif chlorophyll paste Chlorophyll Flavor

Regenerate 1-3 MP per Adventure

Slimes Paste2.gif slimy paste Slimy Flavor
Undead Paste4.gif ectoplasmic paste Spooky Flavor
Weird Paste5.gif strange paste Weird Flavor ???