Refrigerated biohazard container

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refrigerated biohazard container
refrigerated biohazard container

This is a small cooler emblazoned with a symbol that either indicates life-threatening contaminants or crappy music within. Of course, it could just indicate that the sender of this gift has a strange sense of humor, so proceed with a modicum of caution.

Type: gift package
Cannot be traded or discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: refrigerated biohazard containers)
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Item number: 1176
Description ID: 980209654
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Obtained From

Sent from The Gift Shop (50,000 Meat, after 24th ascension)

When Used

You pry the lid off the biohazard container. When the fog from the dry ice clears (there wasn't dry ice in the box, but there was a cheesy heavy metal band playing nearby), you see this:


  • This package will hold 10 types of items.


  • The description of this item is possibly a jab at the New York-based metal/hardcore band Biohazard; or a jab at the number of metal/hardcore bands that use biohazard logos as album art.


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