Red paperclip

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For a similarly named item, see the item Paperclip.

red paperclip
red paperclip

This is a little wire paperclip, manufactured primarily for nervously twisting into little abstract sculptures. As a secondary purpose, it also holds paper together. It's probably really (and arbitrarily) valuable.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: red paperclips)
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Item number: 2289
Description ID: 846194970
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Obtained From

The Haiku Dungeon
Haiku Dungeon in the It's About Damn Time (one time drop)


  • This item is a reference to Kyle MacDonald, a Canadian blogger who, starting in 2005 with a red paperclip, made trade after trade until he ended up with a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan. Documentation of his trades can be found at his website, one red paperclip.