Red drunki-bear

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red drunki-bear
red drunki-bear

Vodka-soaked gummi bears, like jelly bracelets and Dungeons and Dragons, are one of the most worrisome imaginary threats facing the children of this modern age. Since you're not a child, though, this is a vodka-soaked gummi bear, and it's freakin' awesome.

Type: food (EPIC)
Size: 4
Level required: 6
Effect: Gummiheart (80 Adventures)Muscle +100
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: red drunki-bears)
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Item number: 5482
Description ID: 837752850
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Shaker.gif giant red gummi bear bottle of vodka
Equals.gif red drunki-bear

When Consumed

You eat the vodka-soaked gummi bear. Squish, squish, shquish, shquish. That's the sound it makes. Hee hee.
AdventuresYou gain 22-26 Adventures.
You gain 123-240 Strengthliness.
Gummiingot.gifYou acquire an effect: Gummiheart
(duration: 80 Adventures)

You gain 4 Drunkenness.

(You gain 4 Fullness.)


  • Consuming a drunki-bear also gives 4 drunkenness.
  • Milk of magnesium affects turn generation, but Ode to Booze does not.
  • It can be consumed when Falling-Down Drunk, making you 4 points further overdrunk.
  • These may not be consumed with a Teetotaler path.


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