Red Roger's red right hand

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Red Roger's red right hand
Red Roger's red right hand

Red Roger wasn't a tall man, and he wasn't a handsome man, but he did have a red right hand, which he used to take out all of his insecurities about his looks and his height on innocent bystanders.

Type: weapon (1-handed club)
Damage: 12 - 24
Cannot be traded or discarded

+50 Physical Damage (in PirateRealm only)

(In-game plural: Red Roger's red right hands)
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Item number: 10218
Description ID: 836243499
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Obtained From

Red Roger's reliquary


  • The item description refers to the song Red Right Hand, by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The lyrics include these lines: "On a gathering storm / Comes a tall handsome man / In a dusty black coat / With a red right hand"

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