Red-spotted snapper roe

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red-spotted snapper roe
red-spotted snapper roe

This is a translucent organic white orb with a blinking red light inside. It's extremely festive, as long as you ignore the whole horror-from-the-deep aspect.

Hatches into:
Red-Nosed Snapper

Type: familiar
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: red-spotted snapper roe)
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Item number: 10345
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

You put the red-spotted snapper roe in your Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium.

The blinking light intensifies until the egg splits open to reveal a fish with a brightly lit red nose.
You decide to name him Froraham.


  • December 2019's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: A fishy friend who tracks down specific monster types for you and unlocks new drops based on the type of monster.


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red-spotted snapper roe
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