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A reagent dish is a relatively simple food to make that offers significant adventure and stat gains at the cost of a food drop, one scrumptious reagent and one unit of dry noodles. For an individual to make it from start to finish requires both Advanced Saucecrafting (Sauceror level five skill) and Pastamastery (Pastamancer level five skill), and they all require 2 adventures to cook (without the chef-in-the-box or another method of free crafting).

Food name Base food item Sauce name Adventure Gain Stat Gain Fullness Level
devil hair pasta
hot wing
Devil's Elbow Hot Sauce
11-14 13 Muscleboundness
13 Enchantedness
13 Cheek
4 6
fettucini Inconnu
goat cheese
fancy schmancy cheese sauce
17-20 25-30 Mysteriousness 5 8
gnocchetti di Nietzsche
Knob mushroom
Himalayan Hidalgo sauce
22-27 47-52 Wizardliness 6 6
Hell ramen
hellion cube
Hell broth
11-14 13 Strongness
13 Magicalness
13 Sarcasm
20-29 Meat
4 6
haunted Hell ramen
Hell ramen
ghostly ectoplasm
13-16 37 Fortitude
37 Wizardliness
37 Smarm
20-24 Meat
20 turns of Haunted Stomach
4 6
linguini immondizia bianco
Mountain Stream soda
Mountain Stream gastrique
17-20 25-30 Roguishness 5 8
shells a la shellfish
Mt. McLargeHuge oyster
oyster sauce
17-20 25-30 Fortitude 5 8
pink slime
Special™ Sauce
11-14 13 Muscleboundness
13 Wizardliness
13 Cheek
4 6
spaghetti con calaveras
marzipan skull
Salsa de las Epocas
22-27 47-52 Strengthliness 6 6
spaghetti with Skullheads
Knob sausage
sauce of the ages
22-27 47-52 Fortitude 6 6

There are a variety of saucey noodle dishes that can be made, the ingredients for most come from a variety of adventuring location, of varying stats as well as availability. They will all require 2 adventures to cook (without the chef-in-the-box or another method of free crafting).

The 4 fullness dishes are made with ingredients found in the Copse of the Deep Fat Friars, and are easiest to acquire thanks to their convenience. They offer low, balanced stat gains but the lowest adventure gains (3.125 per fullness).

The 5 fullness dishes are made with ingredients from Mt. McLargeHuge. They offer medium stat gains towards a single stat and moderate adventure gains (3.7 per fullness), but the ingredients are available somewhat later and generally aren't convenient to acquire (particularly since any goat cheese is likely used for the Mt. McLargeHuge Quest). Three of these will fill your stomach with ease (four with Stomach of Steel).

There are some 6 fullness dishes that have somewhat unusual availability (primarily Cobb's Knob Kitchens, which is rather out of the way), but offer the strongest stat and adventure gains (4.08 per fullness) with a fairly low level requirement. Those with access to the Degrassi Knoll Mushroom Fields can grow multiple Knob mushrooms by the second day of an ascension, offering a convenient way to cook one of the two dishes en mass. You will need other foods to supplement this diet, however, due to the inevitable leftover stomach space.

As these are all saucy foods, they benefit from the Saucemaven skill; with this skill learned, they will yield an additional 5 adventures as a Pastamancer or Sauceror, while other classes will get an additional 3 adventures.

One exception is the spaghetti con calaveras, which has the same yields as the other 6 fullness dishes, but requires learning the recipe from the April Shower. Those with access to the Gno-Mart can purchase a marzipan skull to cook this with relative ease.

Another exception is the haunted Hell ramen, an improved Hell ramen that also provides a useful buff. Those with access to the Voting Booth are sometimes able to fight the angry ghosts that drop the necessary ghostly ectoplasm to make this dish.


Originally, the reagent dishes (in particular Hell ramen) were the best foods in the game. These become duplicated in Black Sunday to significant levels. As a response to this, the (now defunct) chow mein dishes were created that were even better than reagent dishes however being a bit more complex to create.


  • Throughout July of 2015, four new Reagant dishes were added and some of the original dishes underwent varying changes to their fullness & yields. All standard Reagent dishes were also added to varying Zapping groups.


  • The names of the three original dishes are all named after early famous players.