Ready to Eat

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Ready to Eat

Ready to Eat

Inspired by a food-themed fireworks display, you are ready to chow down.

Your next meal is going to be SOOO satisfying

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Effect number: 2645
Description ID: 4110df36689c215141ad56b77e117d07
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Obtained From


  • Increases all substats gained from the next stat-granting food eaten by +400%, removing the Ready to Eat effect in the process. This stacks multiplicatively with other effects that boost stat gains by a percentage.
You can't help but think about that red rocket as you eat.
  • While it will not activate when eating a food that doesn't grant substats, it will activate from (and affect) substats added to the consumed item through other means, such as Special Seasoning.
  • It will not activate when food is eaten indirectly, including Ol' Scratch's salad fork and Sushi.