Razor-sharp can lid

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razor-sharp can lid
razor-sharp can lid

This is the lid from a tin can. It's really sharp around the edges. You could probably throw this at something and hurt it fairly badly.

(Meatsmithing component)
Type: combat item
Selling Price: 5 Meat.

Deals 2-3 Physical Damage

(In-game plural: razor-sharp can lids)
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Item number: 559
Description ID: 234555940
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Obtained From

The Gourd!
Canned goblin conspirator (1)
Fnord the Unspeakable (2)
Tin can conspirator (2)
Tin spider conspirator (1)
The Haunted Pantry
fiendish can of asparagus (1)
possessed can of tomatoes (1)
Trespasser (0-1)
Cut Down in His Prime (1)
The Heap
I Refuse! (0-1)
Dropped after combat by a Gelatinous Cubeling

When Used

You sling the can lid with ninjalike accuracy.

The lid hits <it> for 2-3 damage.



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