Rave Nirvana

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Rave Nirvana

Rave Nirvana

Your oneness with the rave has freed you from the karmic cycle. Somehow this makes it easier to get meat. It probably has to do with the negation of desire, or something weird like that.

+50% Meat from Monsters

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Effect number: 693
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Obtained From

Footprints.gif Pop and Lock It Break It On Down Run Like the Wind
Equals.gif Rave Nirvana (1 adventure)

Your movements acquire the jerky, staccato motion of a Lego-based YouTube video. Your opponent is momentarily confused, and flinches when you throw a punch that stops just short of connecting with their face. When they hesitantly open their eyes a moment later, you finish the movement, landing a blow worth X damage.

You follow up your previous move by dropping to the ground and knocking your opponent's legs out from under them with a low kick to the knees, causing Y damage.

You finish off your dance combo by turning around as though you're about to run away. When your opponent moves in behind you to attack, you spring forward onto your hands and kick your heels upward, striking your foe in the jaw with a loud CLACK! as their teeth slam together, causing Z damage. (If your opponent doesn't have a jaw or teeth, well, let's just pretend, okay?)

Your dance routine leaves you feeling particularly groovy and at one with the universe. It's a little unsettling, but you soon get used to it.


  • The order in which the dance skills must be used is randomized per ascension.

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