Rave Concentration

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Rave Concentration

Rave Concentration

Filled with the intense beat of the rave, your senses are heightened and sharpened. Well, your senses related to telling the difference between treasure and shiny candy wrappers, anyway.

+30% Item Drops from Monsters

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Effect number: 692
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Obtained From

Footprints.gif Pop and Lock It Run Like the Wind Break It On Down
Equals.gif Rave Concentration (1 adventure)

Your movements acquire the jerky, staccato motion of a Lego-based YouTube video. Your opponent is momentarily confused, and flinches when you throw a punch that stops just short of connecting with their face. When they hesitantly open their eyes a moment later, you finish the movement, landing a blow worth X damage.

You follow up your previous move by turning around and pretending to run away. When your opponent moves to attack, you hit them with a surprise backward kick to a vital area for Y damage.

You finish your chain of attacks by dropping to your hands and whipping your legs around in a circle, smashing your opponent several times in the legs and knocking them to the ground with a collection of shin bruises and dislocated kneecaps.

Your dance routine leaves you feeling extra-focused and in the zone. Ooh yeeaah.


  • The order in which the dance skills must be used is randomized per ascension.

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