Rat Faucet

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This is the page for the old version of the Tavern Cellar. For the new one, please see Of Course!.

Rat Faucet
Rat Faucet

Ah, here's the problem. Somebody evidently left the rat faucet on down here.

Turn off the rat faucet

You turn off the rat faucet. From all around, you hear the sounds of rats disappearing down drains.

After a few moments, the bartender comes scuttling down the stairs and says:

"Thank you very much for taking care of my rat problem. Here's a reward for you."

"And hey! Stop back by the tavern any time you're up for a bit of the old 'drunken debauchery.'"

Icestein.gifYou acquire 3 flagons of Typical Tavern swill
Ring.gifYou acquire an item: shiny ring

Leave the Faucet Alone

Occurs at The Rat Infested Tavern Cellar (pre-quest)


  • Neither choice consumes an adventure.
  • Once the Typical Tavern Quest is completed, this adventure will no longer be available.


  • The event text is a reference to the final scene in Yobi's Basic Spelling Tricks.