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New items, some facts need changing (you can't get radio items anymore..?)

A rare item is an item which exists in the Kingdom but is either difficult or very expensive (usually both) to obtain.

Some rares are extremely rare drops in the Kingdom (such as the Ultra Rares) while others are items which can only be obtained as special gifts (such as the Radio Free Regalia). Still others are items which once dropped in the Kingdom but no longer do, such as the gasmask. Some are gifts which were given to everyone on a specific date, such as the Crimbo pressie. Also included are Hacked Items, as well as items used solely for testing and never available outside of exploits. Really rare and special non-rare items are listed near the bottom of the page; the rare items near the top are in no particular order.

Ultra-rare drops

Special Gifts

Gifts still available

Radio gifts that are no longer available

As Radio KoL shut down in late 2019, there is no longer any way to obtain the prizes they used to give out.

Mafia Prizes

Mystery Raffle Ticket

The Raffle House

Hacked Items

These items have been hacked from the database.

Items used for testing

Items that no longer drop

These are items that that do not exist in great quantity in the Kingdom and for which there is no way any more will exist (unless they are reimplemented). Previous Mr. Store Monthly Specials are listed below this entry. Less-rare special event items that no longer drop are listed near the bottom of the page.

Previous Mr. Store items

Items formerly available from Mr. Store are considered rare. The list of these items is available on this page.

Custom Items

A custom item is a one-of-a-kind item specially designed for a specific player. These items are given out (in the words of Mr. Skullhead) "for whatever we feel like".

Really rares

Untradeable Special Items

Crimbo Items

SSPD Items

Uncle P's Antiques

World Events

Promotional Items

These are items that are obtained by means of using a once-only "redemption code" given out at a promotional event, or in a promotional pack.




Crimbo Items

The full list of these items is now on this page.

Limited Items

The full list of these items is now on this page.

Formerly rare items

Items that have been completely removed from the game

(Note: If the item has simply been renamed but its type, effect/function and method of acquisition remains the same, it is merely "renamed" rather than "replaced": the term "replaced" belongs properly to those items in which it was not just the name that changed.)