Rain Man

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Rain Man

Rain Man

Type: Noncombat
Cost: 50 drops of Rain

You have learned to control the rain to such an extent that you can make a man out of it. Or a goblin, or a demon, or... basically anything.

Make monsters out of rain

Source: aquaconda brain
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Allows you to fight any copyable monster in your Monster Manuel or that you have encountered in a Heavy Rains run.
When Used:
You gaze into the water. You could make just about anything out of this. Or anyone.

What's it gonna be?


You're too drunk to make anything out of rain.
  • You also may not use it without any adventures:
You don't have time to make anything out of rain.
  • Using Rain Man without any adventures does nothing (just requests for your choice again) if attempting to summon an invalid monster.
  • Attempting to summon an invalid monster (defined as a monster that you do not have any factoids for or have not encountered in any Heavy Rains run, or that are uncopyable) returns you to the choice adventure without any text or any resource being consumed.