Rain-Doh green lantern

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Rain-Doh green lantern
Rain-Doh green lantern

From by your side, from in your lap,
Your hand onto your nose you'll clap,
Let every doofus, tool and sap,

Beware this lamp. It smells like crap.

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Maximum MP +20
Makes Spells Smell Worse

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: Rain-Doh green lanterns)
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Item number: 5559
Description ID: 301700297
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Obtained From

can of Rain-Doh


  • The Makes Spells Smell Worse enchantment adds an amount of Stench Damage equal to the highest damage from a single element that the spell does normally, to any spell cast regardless of its element(s).
  • The extra damage is unaffected by any bonus stench spell damage you may have.
  • Also displays this message in combat when you cast a spell: Your lantern bathes the area in a sick green light, and toilets the area in a sick green stench.
  • If equipped in the Not Alone In The Dark encounter at Special Ops in the Bugbear Mothership:
    You raise your lantern and direct its feeble glow into the inky blackness...
  • Jick clarified the functionality of this item in this post after a 6 June 2013 trivial update.


This item has equivalents for bonus spell damage aligned to other elements

Element Item Slot
Cold Damage Snowmobile.gif snow mobile Off-Hand
Hot Damage Sitpepper.gif big hot pepper Off-Hand
Hot Damage Metalm orb.gif meteorb Off-Hand
Sleaze Damage Porchat.gif porcelain porkpie
(Pastamancer spells only)
Spooky Damage Retrocape1.gif unwrapped knock-off retro superhero cape
(set to "Heck General"/"Kill Me")
Stench Damage Raindohlantern.gif Rain-Doh green lantern Off-Hand
All elements Vio buckle.gif Novelty Belt Buckle of Violence Accessory


  • Prior to a trivial update on June 6, 2013, Hobopolis spell books triggered before this, so no bonus Stench damage would be applied, due to a bug.


  • The item name and description are a reference to the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern.

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