Raiments of the Final Boss

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Outfit number: 91
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The Raiments of the Final Boss is an outfit.

Raiments of the Final Boss

Outfit Bonus:
Muscle +10%
Mysticality +10%
Moxie +10%

Hat: Wtbhelmet.gif Helm of the Scream Emperor
Back: Wtbcloak.gif Cloak of Dire Shadows
Weapon: Wtbsword.gif Sword of Dark Omens
Off-Hand: Wtbshield.gif Shield of Icy Fate
Pants: Wtbgreaves.gif Greaves of the Murk Lord
Accessory 1: Wtbboots.gif Boots of Twilight Whispers
Accessory 2: Wtbbelt.gif Belt of Howling Anger
Accessory 3: Wtbgauntlets.gif Gauntlets of the Blood Moon
Raiments of the Final Boss (Male)


Raiments of the Final Boss (Female)


  • Trick-or-Treating in this outfit may yield Boss Drops.
  • This outfit allows you to get the Boss Tattoo from the Pretentious Artist.
  • The items of this outfit are obtained from completing The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon.
  • Totaled up, this outfit will give +50% to all attributes and:
    • +10% Meat from Monsters
    • +2 Stat(s) Per Fight
    • +3 Adventures per day
    • +3 Prismatic Damage
    • +3 PvP fights per day
    • +3% chance of Critical Hit
    • +5 to Familiar Weight
    • +5% Item Drops from Monsters
    • Combat Initiative +25%
    • Maximum HP +75
    • Maximum MP +40
    • Regenerate 1-3 MP per adventure
    • Regenerate 2-5 HP per adventure
    • Slight Resistance to All Elements (+1)
    • Spell Damage +50%
    • Weapon Damage +25%


  • When this outfit premiered, the Pretentious Artist gave players a blank image tattoo. This blank tattoo was later removed from the accounts of all the players who had it, and the Boss Tattoo took its place.