Radium Radicality

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Radium Radicality

Radium Radicality

Those chips make your tongue tingle. For some reason, that makes you more glib than usual. We'll just ignore the possible long-term effects, okay?

Moxie +30

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Effect number: 237
Description ID: b1952cfcb421593dfe0a16edd41a913d
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Obtained From

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Effects From Clan Chips
Item Effect Name Effect
Bagofchips.gif radium-flavored potato chips Radium Radicality Moxie +30
Bagofchips.gif wintergreen-flavored potato chips Wintergreen Warmongery Muscle +30
Bagofchips.gif ennui-flavored potato chips Also Schmeckt Zarathustra Mysticality +30