Radiating Black Body™

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Radiating Black Body™

Radiating Black Body™

You have the ability to make a series of inane commercials! No, wait, that's some other effect.

You feel moxious and dangerous, but it's hard to operate when everyone is trying to get all up ons.

Moxie +10%
+3 MP to use Skills
+10% chance of Critical Hit

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Effect number: 385
Description ID: 3de3c7f145ae87e58ee391127ed697fd
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  • In physics, black body radiation is a type of radiation which only depends on the emitting body's temperature. Stars are approximate black bodies, therefore a star's color is directly indicative of its temperature.
  • "All up ons" is a reference to Strong Bad, who uses this saying to refer to when women are throwing themselves at you.
  • The "other effect" is the "Axe Effect," the tag line for Axe Body Spray. The commercials for Axe Body Spray could be aptly described as inane.

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