Quality control animelf

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Quality control animelf
Monster ID 1259
Locations Crimbo Town Toy Factory (2012)
Hit Points  ?
Attack  ?
Defense unknown
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum elf
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts unknown
plastic ingot, electrical thingamabob
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
quality control animelf You're fighting a quality control animelf

This animelf is responsible for play-testing all the toys the animelfs make. You might think that's a great job--I mean, who wouldn't want to play with toys all day?--but really, it just means you pick up a Chibibuddy™ poke all the buttons, and make sure the thing doesn't explode. And occasionally, they do explode, and he gets burned, and now he's ready to explode at you.

Hit Message(s):

He throws a BittyCar at you, which is both simple assault and a hit-and-run. Ooh! Oof! Oof!

He throws a few blind-packed capsules at you, leaving tiny mysterious impressions on your <face> and <ear>. Ouch! Eek! Ouch!

He throws a Chibibuddy™ at you, leaving an egg-shaped impression in your (possibly also egg-shaped) head. Ugh! Ow! Ow!

He throws a bubble-wrap simulator at you. It goes POP POP and you go OW OW. Ooh! Ow! Eek!

Critical Hit Message:

He picks up a handful of faulty Chibibuddies and hurls them at you. They explode on impact, and the intense pain gives you new respect for this animelf's job. Eek! Oof! Argh!

Miss Message(s):

He throws a BittyCar at you, but he's a lousy driver and misses.

He throws a blind-packed capsule at you, but it pops open and he has to avert his eyes and put it back together.

He throws a Chibibuddy™ at you, but you dodge.

He throws a bubble-wrap simulator at you, but you cushion the blow with actual bubble-wrap.

Fumble Message:

He launches a fleet of BittyCars at you, but they run out of battery before they get to you, so he has to pick them all up and put them on their chargers again. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Elecbit.gifYou acquire an item: electrical thingamabob (50% chance)*
Plasticbit.gifYou acquire an item: plastic ingot (9.9% chance)*

Occurs at Crimbo Town Toy Factory (2012).