Pygmy pygment

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pygmy pygment
pygmy pygment

This is a small clay pot of colorful goop that the pygmies use as war paint. It'll make you look pretty scary, but be careful -- if you overuse it, someone might think you're one of those face-painter guys.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 155 Meat.
Effect: Woad Warrior (10 Adventures)Muscle +25

(In-game plural: pygmy pygments)
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Item number: 2242
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Obtained From

The Hidden Park
pygmy assault squad

When Used

You apply the pigment directly to your forehead. And the rest of your face.
Foamfinger.gifYou acquire an effect: Woad Warrior
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • The use message is a reference to HeadOn, a headache remedy that is "applied directly to the forehead."
  • The "someone might think you're one of those face-painter guys" is a reference to the Seinfeld episode where Elaine is freaking out that her boyfriend is "one of those face-painter guys."


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