Pygmy Drinking Buddy

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Pygmy Drinking Buddy

Pygmy Drinking Buddy

You've got a little pygmy drinking buddy following you around.

He is violent and unpredictable!

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Effect number: 1355
Description ID: 0589999b8327b1aec5a4cbefbf99733a
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  • Attacks each round.
    Your pygmy buddy staggers toward your foe and sloppily punches him for X damage.
  • X is equal to 3 + total drunkenness acquired while the effect is active, plus or minus 10% rounded down. Thus drinking a Psychotic wine (potency 6) would give damage of 9, but seven ice-cold Willers would give damage of 9-11.
    • This damage will still occur even if you do not drink anything while it is active, but only if you use the phone number. A Hookah or similar trickery will not grant the base 3 damage.
  • Drinking Booze while this is active adds the message:
    Your pygmy drinking buddy chugs a drink of his own and gives you a high five. Well, for him it's a high five. For you it's a clumsy smack in the crotch.
  • Drink damage resets when the effect expires.

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